Residency by investment in Greece

How to obtain a residency by investment in Greece?

The Greek authorities have considered innovations in the bill relating to obtaining a residence permit in Greece through the acquisition of real estate. According to this program, a residence permit in Greece can be obtained by buying property for 250,000 euros or more. Read the quick guide for residency by investment at Offshore

Greece is not the first European country in dire need of foreign investment and trying to attract them in exchange for its residents. Similar programs are already provided for by the legislation of Cyprus, Portugal, Latvia, Spain. Innovations should help restore the real estate market in a country that is in decline. The economic crisis in Greece has led to a significant decline in property prices in the country. The new bill will simplify the entry of property owners in Greece into the country – they will no longer need to apply for a Greek visa every time. A residence permit in Greece is a great opportunity to live in a European country 365 days a year. But the path to a residence permit through real estate is thorny and fraught with dangers that are not visible to non-professionals.

Brokers who are interested in selling real estate at a higher price are fighting for buyers in the real estate market. Only with the help of an experienced specialist can you determine the real cost of housing and not overpay for it. Perhaps buying a property in Greece today for 250 thousand euros, tomorrow you can not sell it for 200 thousand. The company Eurogroup will provide an experienced specialist in Greece at your service.

A residence permit in Greece is not granted “automatically.” In any case, this is a legal procedure requiring a competent approach. Greek experts of the Eurogroup will help you to properly prepare the necessary documents, as well as inform you about all the nuances of immigration law.

For example, if your goal is to obtain European citizenship in the future, then there is no guarantee that this residence permit will be counted as a 12-year term of citizenship. The same applies to your children – if you want to provide your family with EU citizenship, you need to act with certainty by coordinating your actions with an immigration lawyer. Our Company can offer you alternative options that have been tested by our numerous clients. First of all, it is said about obtaining a residence permit in France for financially independent persons.

You can also familiarize yourself with the “classic” immigration programs – residence permit in the European Union.

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